ThermoCosplay 2018

2018 is already in high gear!! We've managed to...

  • Attend One Convention (Taiyou Con)
  • Present at a Library (Northwest Regional Cosplay 101)
  • Finish a costume (Cinder Fall)
  • Move to a new Patron system (

Want to know what's crazy? That is only HALF of what we have scheduled for this month! We have the following coming up THIS WEEK!!!!

  • Cinder Fall and Salem Photo Shoot for Patrons
  • Sisters of Themyscira Gathering and Photo Shoot
  • New Cosplay Contacts Tutorial Release for Patrons
  • Tempe Libcon (we will be there from 1PM - 5PM)

Ok...I THINK that covers what Lina and I have planned for January. So what are we doing after this month? Well...let's take a look!


  • Sam is working on THREE commssions (God King Zamasu, Kolivan/Shiro of Voltron and Elias from Ancient Magus)
  • There is a 105th Charity Photoshoot we're hosting on Feb 17th.
  • We fly out to Seattle for ECCC!


  • We are at ECCC hosting TWO panels: Cosplay 201 & RWBY:The World of Remnant
  • We are helping John Paul Ried with the release of his last book: Academic Mayhem!
  • We are attending Apache LibraryCon as guests and demonstrators.


  • We are catching our breath from March...
  • Sam wraps up her commission work and gets down and dirty with Ryder's Angara armor.
  • We start preparing for Sabaku Con in May.


  • We attend Sabaku Con in New Mexico!
  • We attend Phoenix Comic Fest in Arizona!


  • Once again we are catching our breath from May.
  • Sam starts working on Moshae Sjefa from MEA!!!!


  • We attend Anime Expo for the FIRST TIME!!!!!
  • We attend Casa Grand Library Con!


Well...that about sums up HALF of our year. There are chances more items will pop up from time to time. What are your plans? Have something you are curious about in our line up? Let us know!

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