Emerald City Comic Con 2018


The first day of Emerald City Comic Con was exploration and interview day. I (Sam) had the opportunity to interview Matt Mair Lowery & Cassie Andersen of Lifeformed for Fangirl Nation Magazine. Their comic Lifeformed: Cleo Makes Contact is a coming of age story in a post-alien invasion setting. It's LOADS of fun.


Once we finished the early interview we roamed the convention center grounds to familiarize ourselves with the places we needed to be throughout the weekend. While wandering we chanced upon Eurobeat Kasumi Photography who captured the adorable image you see to the right.


Some things to know about the Washington State Convention Center (for those daring to attend an event there)...

  1. There are LOTS of nooks and crannies to find.
  2. There are LOTS of food venues within walking distance.
  3. The escalators break A LOT.



The second day of the convention was EVEN BETTER than the first. For starters, we ran into more friends at the convention on this day. We also dressed as some of our favorite characters from the Seven Deadly Sins and I got a beer (which Meliodas proceeded to steal, as seen in the image to the right).


Our Sins cosplays were a hit so we had frequent stops in the dealer hall. I managed to pick up a cute pair of mint green cat ears that matched my wig and wore those proudly the rest of the day. During our browsing we also discovered some new ways to get in and out of the main convention building (which became handy for Saturday).


We also had the chance to eat dinner with an old friend!


While we greatly enjoyed these days a big part of our team was missing: Lina. She unfortunately contracted an ailment that put her in the hospital for the end portion of our trip. Despite that set back she happily text us pictures of her hanging out with a cat and watching anime so we knew she was in good hands.


On Saturday we presented our Cosplay 102 Panel with Kii Chan Cosplay, AESmith, Krysta & Amber Brite. The panel was packed and our information ran over the allotted time frame (oops!). Thankfully we had some very patient presenters after us who gave us some time with our fans before we rushed out into the Cosplay Hall in the TCC building.


Sunday was a VERY open day. We shopped, took pictures, gathered at meetups and ran into some ecstatic RWBY fans (we were in Nora, Pyrrha and Qrow costumes). Our panel for that day LITERALLY CLOSED THE CON. It was full of wiley RWBY fans who were ready to debate theories circulating about the show and its cast. After some heated, but constructive debates we took photos with the attendees present at our panel then sighed a breath of relief at a weekend well used.

For more on our experiences please visit our YOUTUBE CHANNEL.



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